Some Interesting Mysterious Society Links

Here are a few posts I came across related to secret societies, Masonic secrets and other mysterious and secretive things that mihgt be of interest to you too.

Are Banks Masonic? Interesting concept, considering the Knights Templar became the bankers to Kings and Queens back in the 1200 and 1300's.

Scottish Necropolis has Masonic design Scotland, long known as a hotbed of Masonic activity has unveiled another Masonic symbol.

Bush and Kerry admit in televison interviews they were members of the secret Skull and Bones Society. Interesting video, watch their expressions and how they sidestep the interviewer's questions.

Freemasons say they aren't covering up secrets.

Newtons theory the world will end in 2060 Not exactly a Masonic secret, but Isaac Newton was reportedly either a Mason or associated with members of the Masonic Lodge. He had a theory about the end of the world. Was he right?

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