Secret Societies - Are They Manipulating Us?

Whether it's the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, Knight's Templars, Skull and Bones or any other so called secret organization, people are interested in them. But why?

Is it because the average person believes in conspiracies, or believes that secret societies are controlling world events, or is it because they perceive membership in these organizations will bring them riches? Or is it because they are secret, they know a secret, and people love a secret?

Although I write this blog about secret and mysterious societies, I am not sure why they interest me. It began when I read The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, a few years ago, which undoubtly got my eye, as it did for millions of others, and of course The DaVinci Code, which provided similar ideas to mull over. That book set me off on a quest for my own holy grail, my own attempt to uncover the mysteries and secrets these secret organizations want me to believe they hold.

One thing for sure, it is an interesting subject of study, a little history, mixed with modern day politics and life, and so many theories it's hard to pin one down and make sense of it. The recent proliferation of secret society 'stuff' both in books and on television and in the theatres certainly plays a huge role. Modern day media outlets can influence us to no small extent.

But here is what I am wondering. Not so many years ago, Masonic groups were getting smaller, as I suspect so were the others. Fewer young people were interested in any of it, and many didn't follow their Masonic fathers into the brotherhood. From what I understand, Masonic doctrine prohibits a Masonic Lodge or it's members from solicting new members outwardly. They can't advertise. You have to ask a Mason about joining, hence the expression, "to be one, ask one" it goes something like that.

All in all, the Lodge was dwindling in some areas, even if they won't admit it. Like all organizations, from bowling leagues to country clubs, organizations were and are having trouble to draw people away from 300 channels on their big screen satellite televisons, or the internet.

At the same time, their sworn enemy from hundreds of years ago, the Muslims, are acting up again. Uh-oh...gotta deal with that....need members....need to find new members....and new money etc.

Then along come books like the Holy Blood, Holy Grail and some other books and movies about secret societies, followed by what became the blockbuster DaVinci Code and a litany of other books and movies with similar themes. These things brought renewed interest to the esoteric, and I suspect, membership in these organizations has probably started to increase again, although I don't know that for a fact.

Clever eh? You see where I am going with this now don't ya? They need to get their organization back on the map. Increase the members. Get some interesting publicity that gets folks interested in what you are doing. Just like a well oiled advertising campaign. All of a sudden they are back in business. The U.S. President is even a Mason again, like so many before, what more could they ask for?

So gradually secret societies start becoming a little more mainstream, a little less secret. They are out there, books and movies are coming out, even magazines like the latest on from U.S. News called Mysteries of History, Secret Societies, a "collectors edition" magazine is on the magazine racks and going fast.

Whether it's the books, the movies or the magazines, even this blog, they all tell you just enough to whet your appetite for more, but not enough to satisfy your curiousity. To do that, to really know what their organizations are doing, and what these guys are doing, you have to do have to join....because, as they make clear, members become 'enlightened' and know the truth. Or at least that is what they want you to believe. It's's somewhat disturbing, but it's still ingenious....

All of a sudden secret societies are not so secret. Their 'secrets' are there to be learned, and no matter what the books and movies and magazines suggest, you aren't going to learn everything from reading a book or watching a movie. They are all designed to make you want more.

Is this a 'grand design' or a 'grand coincidence'? I dunno. Are we really being manipulated, perhaps more than we can imagine? Is all the recent hype and publicity about secret organizations just an attempt at more control? Or is it the result of good journalism digging into these groups and getting answers? Who knows...

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

One error in your post is President Obama is not now nor has ever been a Freemason. Other than that your are right. You will never learn the 'secrets' by reading books or watching movies/TV.

Anonymous said...

No one really is sure wether Obama is a Freemason. Everything is just an assumption unless Obama tells that he is.

Anonymous said...

well i loved the article but i don't agree partialy with "At the same time, their sworn enemy from hundreds of years ago, the Muslims, are acting up again." depending on " acting up again" Cuz if u mean the terrorisme and growth of what called islamic organisation i say it all fits in the plan of new world order see there is a loot of coincidences and more over more hidden facts " i say that because i saw both sides stories ( i a muslim ) well what i think happened is that after years were muslims couldn't make a threat due to the colonisation ov almost arab and islamic country , some forces acting against the will of the slavering machine raised suddenly , so their interest in thoes areas were in danger , the ideologie of saying No is not accepted , they want gouvernement that can say wrong thing hapening next to them and yet keep quite , submited and burdened by debt , and just to not let the fever spread we convaince the world that islam is the ennemy so when ever a country try to say a world we say T: are u an islamic country ,i: yes , T: u support x , i : for sure i think u r wrong and i support them , T: aaah , first ov all u r in debt u can not think , 2nd u r islamic so i guesse u r evil too , what a pety the world we live in these days , o feel sorry for humanity it got to the lowest degree that can arrive to , so lets thank the mass mind controle machine for it great gob well done , even Lucifer himself couldn't think ov it , people beleving boxes

Anonymous said...

by the way sorry for my bad english , i speak frensh and i try to do my best in english , and i m young too , well i just hope that what i wrote and think can help you in u r quest :D