The Masonic Secret?

As I was driving home from work tonight a thought crossed my mind. No, regardless of what you might think, it wasn't, "I wonder what's for supper?"

No, perhaps because I had a big lunch, my thoughts were not about food, instead I was thinking about the Masonic Lodge and Masons.

I have read where the Masonic Lodge calls itself not a "secret society" but a "society with secrets." which they seem to think is somehow different and less nebulous sounding. I suppose...they both mean much the same to me.

The thing I was wondering about is this whole idea of a "secret" and the idea that they are protecting it. I have to wonder about that. The first thing to comes to mind, from different things I have read, is, perhaps they are not even sure what secret it is they are protecting. Maybe they have forgotten it.

But...suppose they haven't forgotten the secret, (I have no reason to believe they have) and are in fact "protecting it" Why? What kind of a secret is so important that it must be kept from the rest of the world, known only to a select number who join up in a group. Especially a group who have in the past tried to pass themselves off as an organization dedicated to the betterment of 'men'

If it is a good secret, why not tell the rest of us? If it is a bad secret, why not tell the rest of us so we can share the pain? or the worry? or the awfulness of know the truth that we don't want to know?

If you ask me, it seems rather than the betterment of men, the Lodge and it's offshoots have chosen the "knowledge is power" slogan over the betterment of men slogan. There is nothing quite as self satisfying as being the one "in the know" is there? (I'm sure that is a Masonic expression) Additionally, considering the betterment of men part, what men do they mean, just other Masons?

If what they know is good for mankind, why not tell mankind? Perhaps the rest of us could help out. Just what kind of a secret could be so important, that only a few can know it? (a 'few' numbers in the millions I suppose in terms of Masonic members)Is it about the origins of man? God? Aliens? The Church? Computers? Outer space? The Bible? The Pyramids?

Of course, if I really wanted to know the secret I suppose I could apply to join a local lodge, but then, that would be just what they want. Then I couldn't tell the secret if I knew it. That is if anyone could tell me what it is....

I guess my point, if I have one, is that yes, I am starting to wonder if the Masonic Lodge, the Knights Templar, The Roscrucians, The Priory de Sion and any other 'secret organizations' of this nature, are really what they appear to be, or what they want us to think they are. Is the good they outwardly appear to do only to cover the bad that they do in 'secret'? If this secret is so important, why haven't they used it by now, or have they? Are they using it now?

Depending on who you ask, or what you read, the Masonic Lodge can trace it roots to the Knight's Templar, and beyond, much beyond, to the days of the pyramids and Jesus Christ, and perhaps even before him to the beginning of mankind as we know it. Undoubtly they know some stuff, perhaps a lot of it is secret stuff, maybe it's very important secret information, or maybe not so much.

It's no coincidence that many important scientific discoveries have been made by members of secret societies linked to the Masons and other similar groups known by some as followers of the esoteric.

This could be for a couple of reasons, either these scientists weren't really members of these groups but the societies are claiming they were to further their own goals and legitimize their membership, or these scientists and inventors were 'discovering' or rather 'uncovering' secrets that were already there, just covered up by the secret societies for reasons known only to them.

What do you think?

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G. M. Bloodworth said...

As a Freemason for almost 55 years, I can assure any doubters that there are no arcane "Secrets" among the members. The only "Secrets" are the means of identification, whereby one member may recognize another wherever they may travel, and if necessary obtain help from a "Brother" if they are in distress. You can readily understand why this should be kept secret, to keep fakers and unprincipled persons from trying to pass themselves off as Freemasons. You would not think of giving the keys to your home or car to any stranger on the street. Mutual aid and friendship are the only things expected of Masons from their Brothers. It is obvious that this could not be extended to every unknown Tom, Dick or Harry. As for connections to such illegal organizations as the Illuminati or the Priory of Sion, none of these organizations are recognized as Masonic by any legitimate Grand Lodge in the World. They are simply charlatans trying to "cash in" on the good mane of Masonry.

|s| G. M. Bloodworth, P.M., 32ยบ