Mysterious Melody Uncovered In Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel, which as we all know plays a role in one of the world's greatest mysteries, wrapped in Masonic and Knight's Templar history has revealed another mystery that was tucked away in a mysterious code for almost 600 years.

Rosslyn Chapel is famous for it's carvings and symbols, many of which are not understood today, but are connected to Masonic lore. A father and son who have studied the chapel have found a musical score encrypted in the carvings. The father, a musician and former Royal Air Force code breaker and his son who is also a musician in his own right, are calling the musical score, "frozen music."

It's taken the duo 27 years to figure it out, but they finally have discovered what they say is an ancient musical system called cymatics, or Chladni patterns, which are formed by sound waves at specific pitches. By matching the patterns on the carvings to a Chladni pitch, they were able to discover the tune.

Rosslyn Chapel, dates to the 15th century and is owned by the Sinclair family, a family with a history steeped in Knights Templars and Masonic origins. Rosslyn is close to the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh, and became world famous after it was featured in the last part of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code."
The father and son are planning to premiere the music at a concert in the chapel on May 18, with four singers, accompanied by eight musicians on mediaeval instruments will perform the melody using words from a hymm.

You can find out more about this fascinating discovery Here

Just one of the many mysteries hidden in the symbolism and carvings at Rosslyn Chapel, a place that obviously holds many of the worlds greatest secrets!

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail

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