Lone Kennedy Gunman Theory Questioned

Those of us in the conspiracy uncovering business know that one big cover up happened back in 1963 when U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed while travelling in an open car in Dallas Texas.
At that time, one man was arrested for the murder, but before he could be tried, he too was killed in what was supposed to look like a revenge killing.

However....since 1963 there have been many unanswered questions or conflicting stories that shoot holes in the 'lone gunman' theory, as the popular notion that shooter Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone because he was crazy.

Thankfully suspicions of a conspiracy have never gone away and even today there are folks trying to prove something more happened on that fateful day. Now, over 40 years later, a team of researchers have released a report that found that the bullet analysis used to justify the lone shooter theory was flawed. Following the shooting investigators ruled that Kennedy was hit by two bullets from the same gun, fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. Current investigators suggest that chemical and statistical analyses of bullets from the same box used by Oswald indicate that it is possible more than two bullets could have struck Kennedy.

If it's proven that Kennedy was killed by more than one or two bullets, it is likely that more than one shooter was involved, given the odds that Oswald could have fired 3 or 4 shots at a moving target and score a hit with each shot, especially given the firearm used and the fact that the car the President was in was moving.

The Warren Commission, which was created to investigate the death of Kennedy, concluded in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald, fired three shots, one of which missed the president's car. The findings of the Warren Commission have been disputed over and over again by all kinds of investigations including The House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations which figured that Oswald was part of a conspiracy that could have included a second gunman who fired but missed Kennedy.

The argument for a single shooter was that the original bullet analysis indicated that bullet fragments collected from the site were too similar to be from more than two bullets. Contradicting that theory is this new report which has found that the bullets Oswald used all had a very similar composition and therefore it is impossible to state for certain that only two bullets hit Kennedy. The report goes on to say that "one of the thirty bullets analyzed in our study compostitionally matched one of the fragments from the assassination." In other words, it's possible that three or four bullets out of the same box could have hit the then President.

Now don't get me wrong, this finding doesn't say with complete certainty that more than two bullets hit the President, that is still very possible. However, in my opinion what this means is that the original investigation was either wrong or deliberately written to prove only one shooter was involved. If this part of the original investigation is wrong, or not true, how much of the rest of the 1964 findings were inaccurate or deliberately designed to lead to the single shooter conclusion?

So if there was a conspiracy, who was behind it? Don't ask me, there were lots of folks back in the day who would have like to see Kennedy out of office, and the U.S. has had it's share of political assassinations in the past. Those were the days of spies and commies, lots of secret organizations and groups. Kennedy was Roman Catholic, a fact that hasn't escaped the eye of other conspiracy theorists already. He was also pretty good at keeping the peace, so to speak, something that many power brokers of yesterday (and today) are not to fond of in a President.

The Kennedy conspiracy theory is one of the things that if proven, would go a long way to substantiating many of the other conspiracy theories that are out there. Will this latest research prove it? I doubt it, like so many of these things, whether by chance or design, there is too much mud in the water to see anything clearly now.....
Maybe it's time once again to go back and look at what happened before all memory is lost and it's too late.
Here is an interesting book on subject of the President Kennedy killing, appropriately entitled,Cover-Up


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