Links Between Stonehenge and Modern Architectural Designs and Layouts

This blog is about ancient mysteries, esoteric subjects, mysteries of man's origin's as well as connections to secret societies down through the ages like the Masons, Knights Templars, Jesus Christ, Egyptians, Pyramids and more. So many mysteries, so many theories and so little time....

I struggle with the idea of sticking to a theme and riding it out, but there is so much out there, and it sometimes burns inside of me to write about it, to get people thinking about it, talking about it. For me, it's a personal demon, because sometimes I think I have something figured out, only to find something else to consider. I wish I had more time, wish I had started researching and reading and writing this stuff 20 years ago, when I was younger, stronger...but anyway, enough about that....

There is an interesting opinion piece written by Craig Childs over at the Los Angeles Times website ( about Stonehenge and how modern structures are very similiar in design, as are many of the historic and religious sites.

Craig Childs is an author who has recently written "House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization across the American Southwest.

In his article, Craig points out that archeologists have recently discovered what appears to be another piece of Stonehenge, proving that it was much larger than originally thought.

This article interests me because he is talking about the similarities between the ancient civilizations and their architecture etc, and modern civilizations and architecture. This of course is something of interest to us as we have long understood that so much of what we see today as modern design can be traced to ancient times, and in fact be replicas of buildings and structures of the past. Egyptian influence is everywhere, in part because of Masonic connections to architecture.

The other thing of importance is the link Mr. Childs mentions between the layouts of these historic sites and buildings and the sky, the stars and celestial bodies. This is something that recurrs in much history and religious writing and seems to be a major point, if not the major point, of Masonic ritual.

Mr Childs says:
"The same kind of architecture can be seen in Washington, where countless astronomical alignments are constructed into the Capitol and its surrounding buildings and monuments."

Read his full article at the Los Angeles Times website, his story is HERE

Here is another book by Craig Childs, about ancient history and mystery.

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