Some Famous Masons

It's not always easy to prove what great figures in history were Masons and which were not, it's also easy for Masons to claim that many famous people were, and hard to disprove it. However, my own reading has left me thinking that the former is true, very many influential people were and are members of a Masonic Lodge.

Whether they were Masons and then became famous, or famous people who then became Masons is not always clear, but one thing is certain, many of the most intellectual thinkers and innovators of modern history have been members.

Take for example this short list, containing some very well known names, all of whom have been claimed to be Masons.

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
Paul Revere

This list is far, far from complete, in fact it is only a tidbit really. My guess is that most if not all of the founding fathers of the United States were Masons.

Certainly the leaders of the American Revolution were Masons or connected to Masons as the U.S.A. is a country founded on Masonic principles and, as we have discussed, the country is full of Masonic influence and symbolism.

What is it that draws these men to follow Masonic doctrine is hard to explain, although not hard to understand. The Masonic Lodge is far more than a social club for the betterment of men as they might like to say. No doubt it does encourage the betterment of men, and no doubt these famous members did not enter the Lodge on a whim, they entered because it was either interesting to them, or could provide them with something they couldn't get otherwise. They didn't join up for somewhere to go on Tuesday nights.....

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