The Masonic Lodge - On the Square

The Masonic Lodge has been around for a long time, some would say as far back as the 1700's while others suggest the organization goes back to biblical times. My own reading and researching suggests the latter, that is, Masons have been around since the early days of recorded history, even figuring in biblical history.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. No doubt, Masonic imagery and themes relate to the early Egyptians, but if that is because they existed then, or just adopted the imagery in later times is the question. Personally, I doubt many current day Masons know beyond a doubt which is the true origin.

Most certainly there lore links them to the building of the Temple of Solomon, and carries forth from there. How much has been lost or convoluted over the years is hard to tell, but I suspect it is substantial.

Regardless of their origins, the underlying theme of Masonic studies and beliefs consider that there is a God, specifically in their lingo, "God the Grand Geometrician" or the "Grand Architect of the Universe"

There are numerous groups and subgroups and Masonic Lodges abound all over the world, even in places you would least expect. To say the Masons are largely British or American would be completely wrong. To say they are everywhere is almost an understatement, their membership undoubtably numbers in the millions and includes very many famous, wealthy and influential persons, including Kings, politicians, clergy, celebrities, movie stars, millionaires and poor alike. Not bad for a group that would have you believe they started as a guild of stonemasons, somewhat akin to our modern day labor unions. If that was the case, how come the plumbers or carpenters haven't got an equivalent organization?

Masons would have you believe they are a social group, and like to refer to themselves not as a 'secret society' but as a 'society with secrets.' This brings up an interesting theory that although their membership numbers in millions, it is unlikely that every Mason knows or understands the 'secrets' or even has a grasp of what they really are about. Many of them would just not be in that deep.

The Masons spend time considering ethical and philosophical issues, so are they simply a group of philosophers? Unlikely....

Suffice to say Masonic folks are everywhere, are their motives pure? Who knows? Are they truly a 'secret society? Are their secret passwords, handshakes, postures and greeting gestures known as the Modes of Recognition just for fun?

Masonic imagery is everywhere, be it in the design and construction of buildings, vehicles, houses and more, pillars for instance, have Masonic significance, as do black and white tile floors, and of course the square and compass symbol. The United States has been said to be a Masonic Nation, founded on Masonic principles and beliefs. Further research into this will show you what I mean.

It's interesting to discover how many famous and influential people from history were Masons, or claimed to be, or perhaps the modern day Masons would like us to believe they were...who knows. That is the thing about secret societies, they are by nature secretive, yet so much has been written or said about them that it is difficult to sort fact from fiction or truth from deliberately planted lies, designed to throw the esoteric investigator off the track.

Much as they consider the Grand Architect of the Universe, is it possible that the Masons themselves are the Grand Illusionists....are they, in their own words, "On the Square?"

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