UFO'S Why The Cover-Up

If you are like me, and in some respects I think you are, you are interested, or perhaps just a little curious about Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFO's as we call them.

In addition, I have always believed that there are people, people in high places, who know about UFO's as well and are controlling what we know about them.

Sure they let out a little bit once and awhile, just enough to see if we bite, like a fisherman slowly playing out his fishing line to see if there is a trout in the pool. Our media, government agencies and yes, perhaps even the mysterious albeit unproven "illuminati" probably are involved. And most certainly, big business, notably energy and communications big business, are involved.

There have been too many sightings, too many cover-ups and too many instances where UFO sightings or encounters have been played off as "weather balloons" or "meteorites".

You'd have to be an idiot of the major kind to look up at the sky at night and not at least wonder, if not fully believe there is life up there of some sort. You'd also have to be a complete bozo to believe that anyone who tells you different knows that for sure. Let's face it, someone who says that there is no life 'out there' has no more proof than someone who says they saw a UFO.

I believe that over the next few years you will learn more about UFO's, more about what the governments know and perhaps even come to grips with the fact that there have been contacts made and maybe they are being continually made. However, like wind and solar power, until big industry and government figure out how to make money from it, it will be slow coming to a store near you.

On the other hand, the internet has done wonders for much, and this is no different. Thanks to the web it is no longer easy for governments and big business and media corps to control what we see, what we write and what we read.

Anyway...don't take my word for it. I want you to read this post UFO"s Why The Cover-Up Why The Disclosure from Collective Evolution. It is well worth the read.